G-Core Labs Unveils Service to Rent Bare Metal Servers in Public Clouds

G-Core Labs, a global CDN, cloud and edge solutions provider, has introduced a new service: dedicated server rental with cloud-like capabilities, also known as Bare-Metal-as-a-Service. This solution enables the deployment of a ready-to-use physical service in minutes, which can then be combined with G-Core Labs’ other services to create a customizable cloud architecture with easy resource management, balancing, and networks.

It’s not always a good idea to run high-capacity services and applications on virtual machines since ‘the virtualization tax’ hinders them from fully using their capabilities, stated G-Core Labs. Another source of difficulty would be the sharing of a platform’s resources among various users. When one client exceeds the server’s capacity, the others may pay the price by experiencing decreased performance. In the same way, if one user has malevolent intent, their neighbors can equally be at danger.

According to G-Core Labs, renting a dedicated server, also known as a bare-metal server, can solve these difficulties by providing full and exclusive access to all the capacities of a physical server.

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Photo Alex Federighi, deputy head of G-Core Labs’ department of cloud platforms
“G-Core Labs’ new offering, Bare-Metal-as-a-Service, allows a user to order a ready-to-use dedicated server as easily as a virtual one,” said Alex Federighi, deputy head of G-Core Labs’ department of cloud platforms.

“G-Core Labs’ new offering, Bare-Metal-as-a-Service, solves all of the aforementioned problems. It allows a user to order a ready-to-use dedicated server as easily as a virtual one,” said Alex Federighi, deputy head of G-Core Labs’ department of cloud platforms. “They only need to select the characteristics, connect a private network, a public network or several networks at once, – and in a few minutes the physical server will be ready for use. Unlike a virtual one, it allows all of its resources to be used and guarantees the absence of ‘neighbors.’ Moreover, bare metal nodes are suitable for tasks where virtualization is inappropriate, including deployment of resource-heavy apps like gaming servers or databases, or creating storage systems within the public cloud, use as hypervisors, or launching containers.”

The new Bare-Metal as-a-service solution, as well as existing G-Core Labs services, can be controlled through a single, user-friendly designed interface, allowing clients to quickly construct an “efficient, reliable, and balanced” public cloud infrastructure.

Based on Intel Technologies

G-Core Labs provides appropriate cloud infrastructure in IaaS and PaaS models, as well as bare metal and virtual servers on all continents. It also offers an international content delivery (CDN) system that is ready for any load and integrated with cloud object storage, as well as a streaming platform for OTT broadcasting and video-on-demand delivery. Moreover, G-Core Labs would offer efficient protection against DDoS attacks and frostbite.

Users may expect a ready-to-use, adaptable infrastructure where they can simply link private and public networks and manage dedicated servers, virtual machines, and other provider solutions thanks to the varied ecosystem of services. According to G-Core Labs, their clients will be able to use the public cloud in new ways as a result of this. For example, it enables businesses to run demanding and sensitive high-capacity programs on ‘bare metal’ servers, and if load spikes, it would be simple to add more virtual capacity in minutes, which can be simply switched off later.

G-Core Labs’ solutions are based on Intel technologies: cloud services use Intel Xeon Gold 6152, 6252, and 5220 processors; CDN cache servers use Intel Xeon Platinum processors; and in April 2021, the provider became one of the first in the world to begin integrating 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) processors into the server infrastructure of its cloud servers.