How email marketing can improve your love life | 123-reg

Watch this short video to learn how email marketing can help you to improve your love life.

Matt McNeill, email marketing expert, looks at how email marketing looks if you view it through the lens of the dating process. Watch as he walks you through every stage of the dating process from flirting to the first date and up to marriage.

If you’re using email marketing to build relationships with your audience and to entice them to buy from you, this video is packed with fantastic tips from how to “flirt” with potential customers and get them to give you their contact details so you can follow up later, how to make a first great impression through your first welcome email and finally how to get them to make a purchase and make a proper commitment to you.

Matt also shares the tools you can use to engage with your customers as well as advice on how to deepen the relationship with them and keep them coming back to you for more.

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Duration: 5:46
Publisher: 123 Reg
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