How to create a winning landing page | 123 reg

In the present video, Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, gives you great insight about six important elements of a winning landing page.

The first thing to exploit in your favour for a great landing page is to provide a unique selling proposition in the form of an assertive headline. Hence, clearly state the reason why one should buy your products or resort to your services so that your website visitors be able to engage. Support this headline with a sub headline to enhance the former’s message. This will add an extra touch and colour to your USP. Also related to it, you are strongly recommended to use clear headings to convey and separate your ideas throughout the page. Avoid chunky pieces of text, and make sure you include a closing argument (a paragraph or just a sentence) that should have a convincing effect upon the potential customers.

The second element that bolsters a landing page lies in using great visuals. Employing and displaying high quality photos and images of your products on your website are worth investing in as they stimulate the potential customer.

Thirdly, a bullet point list presenting the actual benefits which one can get by buying or using your products or services is really efficient. Instead of repeating the features or characteristics of a product (in blocks of text), do focus on what it actually helps the customer with. The bullet point list is an effective way to briefly present and deliver essential information to the website visitor.

A fourth way to confer power to your landing page is to display the price of your products or services. Thus, potential customers get an idea of what their financial commitment will be from the very beginning. And in an era of speed and rush, don’t we appreciate things to the point?
Social proofing is the fifth element to help your landing page reach the target. It actually refers to testimonials. Showing an image accompanied by a text in which a person just like the other website visitors speaks about their decision to buy or use your products/services helps one feel reassured.

Last but not least, your landing page should have a call to action. Depending on what you want your website visitor to do next, decide what the purpose of the landing page is. Do you want them to click a button and get more information? Do you want them to click a button and buy? The landing page should ‘show’ the answer to this question. That represents its call of action.
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Duration: 5:4
Publisher: 123 Reg
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