Liquid Web on WLNS 6 News (CBS) About Hiring and Growth – Liquid Web interviewed by 6 News, WLNS CBS, concerning the hiring trends for Michigan. Liquid Web is hiring!

Transcript from WLNS:
“on’t look for the hiring slowdown to change any time soon.

According to the most recent employment outlook from Manpower staffing, only 15% of companies nationwide plan to add staff between April and June, while 14% plan to slash jobs.

It’s the weakest employment forecast since 1982.

Here in Michigan, the picture is even more bleak in some areas.

In the Flint area, 6% more companies plan to fire than hire workers.

In Detroit, 5% more businesses plan to shrink.

And in Grand Rapids, 1% more will downsize.

But the Lansing area is actually the bright spot in the state, with 6%more companies planning to add jobs rather than slash them.

Diane Mansfield, Manpower, Lansing: “I think the most encouraging part is 66% are looking to stay the same, so there’s not a huge number that are going to layoff within the next quarter, so hopefully there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Manpower survey finds information technology companies like Liquid Web of Delta Township are among the few hanging out the help wanted sign.

Mona Shand shows us why even in a down economy, high-tech has high potential.

From the loud buzz of computer servers to the quiet hum of the call center, it’s the sound of success: a company growing against the odds.

Travis Stoliker, Liquid Web Marketing Director: “We’re still experiencing very strong growth. We are still hiring at an incredible rate and we expect that to continue for the rest of the year.”

With the shrinking economy, the company’s not growing quite as fast as in the past, but they’re still in need a constant supply of workers.

Travis Stoliker, Liquid Web Marketing Director: “We have hired as many as 10 people a month. Now we’re scaling back a little bit, but still it looks like about four to five people every month.”

And Liquid Web says it’s not alone, their IT competitors are also thriving.

Travis Stoliker, Liquid Web Marketing Director: “If you look at the overall trends, you’re seeing most of the hiring being done by technology companies that are providing a service that is of value to businesses and to consumers.”

To get the jobs, you do need to have the skills.

Travis Stoliker, Liquid Web Marketing Director: “Most of the people we hire are geeks and we’re proud of that.”

It’s a title that doesn’t sound so bad considering it comes with job security.”

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