The Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange (LU-CIX) has deployed the ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution. The technology provides real-time network visibility, enabling LU-CIX to quickly locate and resolve all fiber issues. This would increase the security and availability of LU-CIX’s services.

Deployed in the internet exchange company’s backbone infrastructure, the ADVA ALM would deliver comprehensive in-service assurance. It is now empowering LU-CIX to accurately pinpoint areas of degradation, instantly initiate countermeasures and redirect traffic away from degraded optical paths.

The compact and low-power solution would help avoid outages and enable LU-CIX to track its SLAs. ADVA’s partner, Telindus, a brand of Proximus Luxembourg, also played a key role in the deployment.

“We needed a solution that delivers precise, automated, up-to-the-minute root-cause analysis combined with permanent measurement. That’s why we chose the ADVA ALM. It enables our team to tackle issues more quickly and efficiently, while also addressing an area of security exposure,” said Michel Lanners, CIO at LU-CIX. “One of the key advantages of the ADVA ALM is that it offers significant improvement without a major addition to our existing network. It delivers total insight and full control without significant investment. What’s more, the technology enables us to improve the integrity of our network and detect eavesdropping attacks. With the ADVA ALM, we can remotely measure attenuation and stay one step ahead of attacks using a splitter or bending coupler.”


The ADVA ALM is now delivering precise, real-time insight into the integrity and performance of LU-CIX’s optical transport infrastructure. With its “ease of use and intuitive GUI”, the in-service monitoring equipment provides complete network assurance. It would enable the root cause of link outages to be immediately pinpointed.

Michel Lanners
“We needed a solution that delivers precise, automated, up-to-the-minute root-cause analysis combined with permanent measurement. That’s why we chose the ADVA ALM, said Michel Lanners, CIO at LU-CIX.

Issues can now be identified in seconds and the right measures engaged, saving the company both time and money. The ADVA ALM would also make it straightforward to separate faults with active devices from problems in the fiber plant. Another key advantage would be its transparent, service-agnostic monitoring, which is completely independent of transported data. That means the ADVA ALM delivers “complete” assurance with no application interference.

“Our ALM now ensures that LU-CIX has an intricate understanding of its fiber network. For maintenance teams, that means no more false alarms, no unnecessary site visits and no wasted hours finding faults,” said Hartmut Müller-Leitloff, SVP, sales, EMEA, ADVA. “Now problems can be diagnosed and dealt with long before they affect services. Not only will this help to reduce operational expenses and maximize resource efficiency, but it’s also a key tool for maintaining valuable SLAs. LU-CIX is crucial to Luxembourg’s internet sector and one of Europe’s key Internet hubs. By harnessing our unique plug-and-play device to further enhance the stability and efficiency of its infrastructure, it can continue to provide a secure and trusted environment in the heart of Europe.”


Part of the Proximus Group, Telindus is an autonomous specialist in smart and secured IT platforms.

“This deployment is already bringing major benefits to LU-CIX and its customers. It’s enabling the internet exchange to avoid performance issues by rapidly responding to defects and degradation in its fiber network,” said William Malingrey, pre-sales consultant, network solutions, Telindus. “Now LU-CIX can proactively reroute traffic and operating teams can take targeted action to fix faults. We’re committed to providing the most innovative technologies available to support our customers’ business strategies and digital transformation. The ADVA ALM is a uniquely affordable and space-efficient solution that makes a real difference. It’s now giving LU-CIX total visibility and control of its fiber assets and supporting simpler, more cost-efficient and more sustainable practices.”