Online Tech Unveils Resource Pools for Virtual Private Clouds

Online Tech has updated its Virtual Private Cloud offering to further improve elasticity and cost management for clients with both persistent and non-persistent workloads. Instead of being locked into a cloud server with a specific amount of RAM, disk space, and CPU resources, Online Tech clients can now have pools of those resources they can freely distribute between all of their cloud servers.

Online Tech Virtual Private Cloud users can now allocate their storage, RAM and CPU resources as their workloads demand, through its client portal (OTPortal), with the click of a button.

online tech“Over the past two years, we have been focused on creating one of the highest performing and most reliable cloud infrastructures in the industry,” said Nick Lumsden, VP of Technology and Product Strategy at Online Tech. “Now that we have accomplished that feat, we are focused on making our virtual private clouds the most flexible enterprise offering out there that is also extremely easy to use.”

Online Tech’s Virtual Private Clouds are built with an all-flash array and built-in encryption that keeps data secure without sacrificing performance. All cloud servers are fully managed and also come with self-serve functionality built into OTPortal – which allows clients to control their servers, add resources and take snapshots. Soon, Online Tech will integrate the public cloud into OTPortal to create a full end-to-end hybrid solution managed by a single vendor with a single pane of glass.

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