Responsive Web – a step towards Modern Web: Aditee Rele

The web celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary last year and has created enormous impact since then with respect to reach, diversity, interoperability. In that time, the underlying technologies have shifted a ton. From loose standards processes, a lot of proprietary standards (ActiveX, VBScript, BHOs, VML) to emerging standards and interoperability and now the modern web – accelerating HTML5 platform, mobile web, JavaScript heavy apps. Today’s Internet users consume the web from a variety of devices with varying form factors – from PCs to tablets to phablets and phones. Responsive web is a concept of developing a websites such that the layout changes based on the device being used. In this talk, we will look at simple measures to ensure that your website caters to the modern web with responsive design.

Duration: 33:13
Publisher: ResellerClub
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