SEO Tools Provider MarketGoo Now Available in Vendasta Marketplace

Vendasta MarketGooSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) tools provider MarketGoo is the newest addition to the Vendasta Marketplace. Vendasta is a platform for companies who sell digital solutions to local businesses. The marketplace serves as a platform for agencies and media companies to browse, pick out and sell digital products that are developed by third parties. 

MarketGoo’s SEO tools would help website owners and small businesses with no previous technical knowledge improve their site traffic and online visibility. SMBs and Agencies using MarketGoo’s tools will be able to run SEO reports and assess “easy-to-read” results that would help guide their digital strategy and attract and retain new customers.

“With current demand for search engine optimization tools coupled with our own partners’ desire for a wider variety of offerings spanning different price points, incorporating MarketGoo into the Vendasta marketplace was a logical next step,” said Ed O’Keefe, Executive Vice-President of Marketplace at Vendasta.

MarketGoo generates a report of the user’s website, presenting a custom plan with improvements that should receive priority attention and simultaneously giving instructions on how it should be done. Features would include:

  • User-friendly, step-by-step search engine optimization plan
  • Tools and recommendations focused on increasing sites’ quality traffic and inbound links
  • Analytics to help track improvements
  • Competitor tracking
  • Mobile Optimization and improvements

“The Vendasta Marketplace was a perfect fit for us to broaden our reach,” said Wences García, CEO of MarketGoo. “We’re beyond excited for their Agency partners to be able to quickly access our SEO tool, package it and sell it to clients who want to improve their online results. Our experience with Vendasta has shown us that they truly care about the success of every business that forms part of their ecosystem and we have very high hopes for this channel.”

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