TechSmith Mike Morgan talks about 100% Uptime for development servers

I’m Mike Morgan from Tech Smith. I’m our IT manager at Tech Smith. We’re an software company specializing in screen capture software and most recently been expanding our screen capture offerings to include products that allow you to share captured content on the Internet.

Over the course of the past year we’ve been transitioning our developers and our code base from primarily a desktop application company to a company that’s split between desktop applications and online applications. The online applications add value to the desktop applications.

That’s been a huge challenge because coding C++ and C sharp code for a Windows application is completely different than programming code for a web application. That’s been a challenge for developers but it’s often a challenge for the IT department to make sure we have the network and servers available for whatever it is they come up with.

When we were looking around for a host, there is obviously different ways to compare, and for us it was really important that Liquid Web had that technical capability and capacity to host our site and also had the support to back that up. It’s the support that really seems to be lacking at other hosts. We’re looking for a facility that was engineered professionally and had the capacity and bandwidth cooling and power to handle any needs that we may have in the future. We also know that if we are ever to be down it would be our own fault.

With one of the providers we used in the past we had a firewall that was not in an redundant configuration and it crashed and we called for their 24/7 on-site hands-on support service for colocation, and took three and half hours to get technician on site. Now that’s a huge disappointment to us. In that particular case we could driven to the data center ourselves had we known it would take that long.

Compared to the other hosts we’ve used in the past years, I would have to say that Liquid Web is the best. We had an event recently where we had suspected that we may have accidentally shut down one of our servers. We sent in a support ticket asking someone to go over to our rack and check out the server and it was taken care of in about five minutes. It is extremely impressive to me.

Heroic Support to me means that anytime we have a problem there will be someone available to help us virtually immediately. I know they’ll see the problem through to resolution.

If the network is down then our online store isn’t completing transactions for customers, our customers can’t get tech support for a product. And if they purchased online product from us then they can’t access what they buy from us, that’s a big problem.

The Liquid Web network is very impressive to us. Some of the other hosts we’ve used in the past, the tier 1 carrier is the host and we end up hostage to one company’s bandwidth. At various times in the past individual tier 1 providers have had problems so its important to us that we are in a facility that had multiple tier 1 carriers so we wouldn’t be subject to those problems.

Duration: 2:53
Publisher: Liquid Web
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