451 Research Survey: 40% of Enterprises Are Using Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure would represent the next evolutionary step of standard converged infrastructure. According to 451 Research’s latest quarterly ‘Voice of the Enterprise survey of IT buyers,’ hyperconverged infrastructure is currently in use at 40% of organizations, and 451 Research analysts expect that number to rise substantially over the next two years.

Nearly one quarter of respondents to the survey indicated that they have hyperconverged infrastructure either in a pilot phase, or in plans for future adoption. Hyperconverged infrastructure is evolving from supportive, edge infrastructure into a primary component of today’s IT organizations. The latest quarterly survey indicates that 74.4% of organizations currently using hyperconverged are using the solutions in their core or central data centers, signaling this transition. 

451 research“Loyalties to traditional, standalone servers are diminishing in today’s IT ecosystems as managers adopt innovative technologies that eliminate multiple pain points,” said Christian Perry, Research Manager at 451 Research and lead author of ‘Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure – Organizational Dynamics’. “Innovation inherent in converged systems and in hyperconverged infrastructure in particular, is driving process efficiencies and agility that are increasingly tangible.”

This dramatic rise of converged infrastructure isn’t just changing the technological identity of IT environments; it would also change the personnel managing the technology. The larger the enterprise, the more prevalent the change; 41.3% of very large enterprises (10,000 or more employees) in the latest survey would plan to change their IT team layouts.

The survey results show that converged infrastructure is a catalyst of this ongoing IT team transformation. More than one-third (35.5%) of enterprises say they have added more virtual machine specialists as a result of adopting standard converged systems. This is more than double the number of organizations actively adding specialists in hardware-specific areas like servers, storage and networking.

Container Adoption

Surprisingly, despite the increase in virtualization specialists, containers remain nascent in today’s enterprises. More than half of survey respondents (50.7%) indicate that none of their servers run containers and another 22.3% are running containers on 10% or fewer of their x86 servers.

451 Research expects container adoption to rise moving forward as enterprises take advantage of their lightweight nature to ease entry into an agile, DevOps IT model. However, the rate of adoption will depend heavily on the ability to find adequate personnel to manage the technology.

“Today’s businesses expect the same flexibility from their internal IT that a public cloud service can provide,” added Mr. Perry. “Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure are transforming the technology that underpins today’s business and the teams that manage it. As a result, we’re rapidly approaching the day when the generalist-driven infrastructure administrator emerges as the key cog in business operations.”