Adding Advanced Security into The Mix: A Security Adaptor for Istio’s Mixer (Cloud Next '19)

Kubernetes has made it easier to build cloud-native applications. However, this approach has broadened the network attack surface area. Advanced Layer-7 network security policy definition and enforcement are essential for reducing the attack surface and gaining granular layer-7 visibility and control of traffic among different services. Istio and its extensible approach towards interfacing with infrastructure backends make it easy to integrate advanced security checks for your cloud-native application.

In this session, we present a security adaptor for Istio’s Mixer that interfaces with layer-7 security policy management platforms and provides visibility, policy definition, and evaluation. Envoy does policy enforcement.

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Speaker(s): Ivan Bojer, Vinay Venkataraghavan

Session ID: ARC303
fullname:Issy Ben-Shaul,Joe Timmons;

Duration: 49:31
Publisher: Google Cloud
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