GCP: Move Fast and Don't Break Things (Cloud Next '19)

As more companies adopt GCP and CSP to build and deploy mission-critical solutions, the quality of both the GCP Services and your applications become a critical success factor. This talk provides an overview of the different types of qualification infrastructure we use to validate GCP, how we prioritize what to validate, what kinds of testing we actively do and some common problem themes that surface across Cloud EngProd. This talk will cover the key processes and workflows used within Google’s development and Engineering Productivity teams to ensure GCP Services meet your mission-critical business needs. We will cover the life cycle of how Google validates cloud, using our tooling stack as an example. Lots of the tools we use for this are also available to you as developers to use, so you will learn how to leverage them. We will also take an in-depth look into some techniques we used to drive productivity upwards for some GCP products.

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Speaker(s): Ankit Mehta, Mithra Rajah

Session ID: OPS213
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications),Kubernetes Engine,DevOps & SRE; fullname:Ankit Mehta,Mithra Rajah;

Duration: 24:55
Publisher: Google Cloud
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