Arista Networks Extends CloudEOS Edge Platform for Multi-Cloud

Network solutions vendor Arista Networks has announced several additions to its multi-cloud and cloud-native software product family with CloudEOS Edge. The enhanced platform is designed to integrate with native cloud networking services like AWS Transit Gateway. This would enable cost-effective and high-scale multi-cloud routing services for enterprise IT organizations and production services.

The innovative Arista system is designed to integrate seamlessly into the cloud infrastructure ecosystem with native interoperability using provisioning tools like Hashicorp Terraform and Red Hat’s Ansible.

Key enhancements to the CloudEOS Edge platform include:

  • CloudEOS Edge – supporting dynamic path selection services across all major cloud providers at the high-throughput network edge facing the Internet and multiple private and public carriers.
  • AWS Transit Gateway Integration – seamless automated provisioning and multi-cloud routing, interoperable with AWS Transit Gateway services.
  • Availability of Pay-as-You-Go – elastic consumption of CloudEOS across AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Delivery of the Arista CloudEOS Terraform provider – enabling declarative software-defined provisioning of multi-cloud backbones through Hashicorp Terraform and Arista CloudVision.
  • Multi-Cloud Dashboard. It provides centralized visibility of enterprise multi-cloud backbones and resources through Arista CloudVision.

CloudEOS Edge is available in all major public cloud marketplaces now and can be downloaded from Arista’s support portal for on-premises deployments.

CloudEOS Edge – Transit Gateway Integration

Production customers of Arista CloudEOS and CloudEOS Edge with Transit Gateway integration would realize the following benefits across hundreds of virtual private cloud instances geographically distributed across the globe:

  • Consistent declarative provisioning through Hashicorp Terraform and CloudFormation is enabling customers to align network provisioning into the same CI/CD pipeline workflows used for standard cloud operations.
  • Digital media companies are supporting thousands of virtual private clouds in multiple regions to improve the end-user experience.
  • End-to-End flow visibility for troubleshooting and validating policy and controls application would simplify the troubleshooting. It would also improve return-to-operations time, enabling the IT organization to meet stringent SLAs when supporting production applications.
  • Security and segmentation are preserved from data center through to the public cloud infrastructure. This would enable a consistent set of policies and controls to be easily implemented for all workloads, critical in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and government.
Douglas Gourlay
Douglas Gourlay

“Simplifying the networking between cloud providers and geographic regions using fully-interoperable open standards enables the network to be as on-demand as compute and storage cloud services,” said Douglas Gourlay, vice president and general manager of cloud networking software at Arista Networks. “Production customers with hundreds of workloads deployed globally are realizing the quality and reliability of Arista EOS, now in an on-demand and elastic consumption model designed to interoperate with all major routing, WAN, and SD-WAN multi-vendor offerings.”


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