Cloud Server Provider RapidScale Partners with Master Agent CNSG

RapidScale, a global provider of cloud servers founded in 2008, has partnered with Converged Network Services Group (CNSG), one of the premier Master Agents in the US to provide their agents with a complete suite of cloud servers and services.

cloud-servers-rapidscaleAs part of the agreement, CNSG will be able to utilize RapidScale’s CloudIntelligence Team, CloudCompliance Team, and Cloud Sales Engineering Team for simple quotes and complex cloud hosting roadmaps.

“CNSG has built a world-class portfolio of cloud server and services providers for our sales partners and clients,” said Ryan Will, Managing Partner & President at CNSG. “That portfolio has led to explosive revenue growth in the cloud hosting services arena. Our partnership with RapidScale will inevitably continue to push new partners to CNSG who want access to best in breed cloud server solutions providers.”

Revenue growth

“The partnership between CNSG and RapidScale will result in a huge win for both companies,” said RapidScale CEO, Randy Jeter. “I see the leadership and strategy at CNSG as being visionary and market leading, which speaks to their consistent year over year growth both in revenue and in new partners.”

Cloud server provider RapidScale is located in Irvine, California. Master agent CNSG is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices throughout the US.