CloudLinux Releases DB Governor, Designed to Set Limits for Individual Web Hosting Accounts Running MySQL

After three years in development, CloudLinux has now released DB Governor. The software is designed to give hosting providers the ability to set limits for individual accounts running MySQL. CloudLinux DB Governor would prevent web hosting users from overloading their database server and causing issues for other accounts on the same server.

CloudLinuxWith the new DB Governor, hosting providers can further isolate users from each other to avoid the “bad neighbor effect,” thereby improving stability, performance, and security for all shared hosting accounts on the same server. Web hosting providers can also balance distribution of MySQL database server resources between accounts on any server by effectively monitoring CPU & IO resources.

“MySQL has been used in shared web hosting for many years, with thousands of users per server, but the problem of single users causing performance issues for all other users has been there from day one, until now,” said Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. “After three years in development and beta testing with CloudLinux customers – and multiple iterations of architecture – we now have production quality software that allows hosters to manage resource limits, throttle users, and keep them from causing performance issues for other accounts on the same server.”

Any account running on CloudLinux that uses too many resources will automatically be throttled, depending on the settings configured by the hoster, giving hosters more control on how they manage their servers. In addition, CloudLinux DB Governor can be set to automatically kill long running queries, preventing wasteful resource usage, and keeping neighboring accounts running at optimal levels. When a web hosting user account is utilizing too many resources, no other account would be affected, due to CloudLinux DB Governor.

MariaDB, MySQL

mysql-database“In order to take full advantage of DB Governor, web hosting providers need to implement either CloudLinux v5 or CloudLinux v6, and configure their system to throttle individual users and processes based on their specific settings and preferences,” added Seletskiy. “In fact, with CloudLinux, DB Governor can be set to monitor, limit, and throttle CPU & IO resources in real time. Hosting providers now have the ability to monitor database usage with an on screen display.”

CloudLinux DB Governor also supports MariaDB in addition to MySQL. The latest CloudLinux OS includes patches for the latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB, as well as the DB Governor software, and command line tools needed to manage limits. CloudLinux DB Governor is licensed under GPL v2 from GitHub.