Cologix Brings AWS Outposts to Its Vancouver Colocation Data Centers

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Cologix, a provider of network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data centers in North America, will be introducing AWS Outposts to its data centers in the city of Vancouver, Canada. AWS Outposts is a collection of completely controlled solutions that deliver Amazon Web Services infrastructure and services to practically any on-premises or edge data center location.

Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix
“Access to the possibilities of AWS housed within our Cologix facilities will be beneficial to both our customers and the Vancouver market as a whole,” said Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix.

Chris Heinrich, Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix, expressed his excitement about the company’s decision to introduce AWS Outposts to their data center facilities in Vancouver. “Access to the possibilities of Amazon Web Services housed within our Cologix facilities will be beneficial to both our customers and the Vancouver market as a whole.”

The company’s colocation customers now have the ability to install AWS Outposts at Cologix’s VAN3 digital edge data center, which is a building that is 42,000 square feet in size and is one of the biggest neutral data centers in the area. At its VAN2 digital edge data center, Cologix offers its clients safe access to AWS Direct Connect. Because of the abundance of available connections and the high-quality of the enterprise-level infrastructure, this can be a great location for making connections, according to Cologix.

Connectivity to more than 20 distinct networks and direct access to the primary node for the Vancouver Internet Exchange are both provided by colocation provider Cologix. The Vancouver Internet Exchange primary node is housed in Cologix’s VAN1 digital edge data center. All of Cologix’s data centers in Vancouver have been audited and found to be in compliance with HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2, and PCI standards.

According to Peg Hallberg, Head of Product at Cologix, “This is a major addition to our offerings in Vancouver to ensure end-to-end connection to AWS services for Cologix customers. This is a major addition to our offerings in Vancouver to ensure end-to-end connection to AWS services. We are now able to provide the only colocation and connectivity solution in Vancouver, with access to AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps and the ability to deploy to AWS Outposts.”

Customers of AWS Outposts located in the colocation data centers operated by Cologix in Vancouver have the ability to connect to AWS cloud services through the use of AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps that can be accessed through the Cologix Access Marketplace. According to Cologix, these interconnections are quick, private, on-demand, and software-enabled. Customers can establish connections to cloud, network, and other service providers in under one minute when they use the self-service interface.

For Workloads Requiring Low Latency

AWS infrastructure and services can be delivered to virtually any on-premises or edge location thanks to this collection of solutions delivered through AWS Outposts. These solutions are completely controlled and comprise a collection of their own. This creates a blended environment that is genuinely continuous. Customers are able to develop their applications just once and then launch them either in the cloud or on-premises with the help of the AWS infrastructure and servers that are housed in the Cologix data centers. This may save customers from having to rewrite or re-architect their programs. When creating applications on premise, developers can use the same application programming interfaces (APIs) and services that are available in the cloud.

AWS Outposts can be a good fit for workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing and storage, and a connection to a wide variety of services that are accessible in the AWS Region in which the workload is being run. Everything is centralized and managed within a single environment thanks to AWS Outposts.

“Cologix customers can securely connect their AWS Outposts to AWS Regions via Cologix’s hosted AWS onramps with low latency, high availability and cloud adjacent private connectivity,” added Hallberg. “These connections provide companies local access to local workloads previously only available in the cloud. AWS Outposts customers can be assured that their data is kept secure in a Cologix facility. This capability to use AWS cloud services inside Cologix’s Vancouver data centers is a reflection of our commitment to give our customers the best options available to grow their businesses at the digital edge.”