Engage and translate: Text and audio chat in 100+ languages

As users worldwide connect to the net and travel globally, it’s more important than ever to make interactive applications chat in many languages. But when users speak 100s of languages, this quickly can get challenging. Where to start? If you are new to translation, we’ll touch on a couple of simple starters, then provide examples of how you could advance your translations once you have gone further along the learning curve.

Sarah Weldon, the Product Manager for Cloud Translation, and Dale Markowitz, an Applied AI Engineer and Developer Advocate, shares how the Translation API can quickly globalize an app, with no multilingual expertise required. Increasing language coverage can drastically increase engagement, even for internal applications. When Mercy Corps integrated Translation API in their internal hub, traffic volume increased 70%.

Learn about integrating the Google Cloud Translation API Advanced with a chatbot client, using the machine translation glossary feature to control a set of terms for more relevant translation. Hear about new Translation features.

Speakers: Dale Markowitz, Sarah Weldon

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