French IaaS Cloud Service Provider, Outscale, Introduces Per-Second Billing to Boost Cloud Adoption

IaaS cloud service provider, Outscale, has introduced per-second billing for its cloud hosting services. With this announcement, Outscale aims to provide more transparency to its customers and boost the transition to cloud adoption.

Currently, most cloud services providers charge their customers by hour. According to Outscale, companies’ yearly expenses are weighed down by thousands of unused yet charged hours. Outscale’s goal is to put an end to this waste and lack of transparency.

cloud hosting“We are convinced that this paradigm shift will make adopting the cloud more convenient,“ said Laurent Seror, President of Outscale. “Unlike other main providers on the market, that are mostly comprised of e-business platforms, search engines or software editors, we are a pure player in the field. Because cloud computing is our core business, we keep innovating to provide our customers with more transparency, proximity and agility.”

In the case of a virtual machine running for 11 minutes and 42 seconds, Outscale charges their customers 702 seconds, while other cloud providers would charge a full hour. That’s 48 unused minutes and 18 unused seconds paid. Multiply this by the number of collaborators in an organization, and by the number of daily connections, one could end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they use every year.