GoDaddy Acquires Los Angeles-based Web Hosting Provider Media Temple

On its corporate blog, web hosting provider (mt) Media Temple has announced that the company is acquired by GoDaddy. Media Temple’s co-founder Demian Sellfors states in the blog posting that the company will continue operating as an independent and autonomous entity.

(mt) Media Temple was founded in 1998 and is currently serving about 125,000 customers making up more than 1.5 million websites in over 100 countries. The web hosting provider has 225 dedicated, U.S.-based employees serving clients from small businesses to large enterprises like Starbucks, Adidas, Samsung, and Toyota.

Media Temple’s co-founder Demian Sellfors: “Media Temple is not being integrated into GoDaddy.”

“Personally, working with GoDaddy on the acquisition this year has been unexpected, yet incredibly rewarding,” said Sellfors in the blog posting. “Led by new CEO Blake Irving, the GoDaddy leadership team, which now includes Media Temple’s President, Russell P. Reeder, is transforming the company with fresh thinking, new advertising, and an inspiring new strategy. It really is impressive, and so is their new mission: ‘Help small businesses easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their online ventures’.”

“We also understand and respect the vast differences and needs of our respective customer bases,” Sellfors adds. “Hence, Media Temple will continue to run as an independent business and is not being integrated into GoDaddy.”