GTT Upgrades its Global IP Network to 400G

GTT Communications, a worldwide cloud networking supplier to international clients, has announced that its global Tier 1 IP network will be upgraded to 400G. GTT’s portfolio of upgraded internet and WAN services would benefit from increased scalability and higher-capacity choices as a consequence of the update, which tackles the continuous double-digit rise in IP traffic.

Photo Don MacNeil, COO at GTT
“This comprehensive network upgrade to 400G demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the most advanced Internet networking platform,” said Don MacNeil, COO at GTT.

In the first phase, GTT’s core IP switching and routing fabric will be used to connect more than 260 cities across six continents. The initial deployment phase is scheduled to wrap up in the second half of 2023.

The 400G network enhancement will be implemented at multiple network tiers, including the core IP backbone, metro extensions, and customer service nodes as need demands. GTT is introducing Juniper Networks’ cutting-edge IP networking technology, which can scale up and down for improved WAN performance and efficiency throughout the core IP backbone.

The worldwide IP network update incorporates telemetry capabilities, which allows the network to expand higher and converge quicker. This would result in improved performance and flexibility while running cloud applications.

“The scalability and performance advantages of GTT’s global Tier 1 IP network is a cornerstone to what makes GTT stand out from the other managed network service providers,” said Don MacNeil, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at GTT. “This comprehensive network upgrade to 400G demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the most advanced Internet networking platform so that they can realize maximum business benefits from managed SD-WAN as well as the full array of enhanced internet services that GTT offers, and it is among a number of key initiatives on our transformation roadmap that leverage the latest AI and digital technologies.”

IP Transit Expenditures

GTT’s worldwide Tier 1 IP backbone is one of the largest in the industry, with a core capacity of more than 240Tbps. Approximately 70 percent of GTT client IP traffic stays on-net from edge to edge, allowing for more control and protection.

This network is designed to achieve low-latency performance and dependability by routing traffic along the shortest path feasible. GTT was one of the first large-scale Tier 1 ISPs to use RPKI, a route validation filtering approach for BGP sessions that provides enhanced IP routing security.

Industry research company TeleGeography claims that 71 percent of operators raised their IP transit expenditures in 2021, and that international peak Internet traffic nearly quadrupled between 2019 and 2021.