Loadbalancer.org Introduces New Global Server Load Balancing Feature

Loadbalancer.org, a specialist supplier of affordable load balancing products, has introduced a new Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) feature to enable customers to balance network traffic intelligently across multiple sites.

The new GSLB feature is likely to be most valuable for organizations that have pairs of Loadbalancer.org devices or virtualized solutions at multiple data centers in different geographic locations. It would allow network traffic to be shared seamlessly between sites, to optimize performance, or can be used to automatically divert traffic to a different location in the event of a disaster.

Available to all existing and new customers at no additional cost, the GSLB feature would improve application availability and minimizes network costs.

“We have introduced this new capability in direct response to customer demand,” said Malcolm Turnbull, founder of Loadbalancer.org. “Our ethos is always to keep products as simple-to-use and cost-effective as possible, and as a result, we never include extra features just for the sake of it. Several of our customers were keen to start using GSLB, and we are delighted to be able to introduce this capability without increasing the cost of our products or impeding their usability.”

Topography Tool

The GSLB feature includes health check functionality, allowing organizations to constantly monitor application performance from one location and ensure the best possible application availability across multiple sites. It would also offer a sophisticated topography tool that enables organizations to “easily route user traffic to the nearest server, thereby minimizing unnecessary bandwidth consumption and network costs.”

Existing Loadbalancer.org customers can take advantage of the new GSLB feature immediately by upgrading their software to version 8.3.1. For all new Loadbalancer.org customers, the GSLB feature is now included in all Loadbalancer.org physical and virtual products as standard.

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