Navigating the Complexity of Kubernetes & Cloud Native Technology | Webinar

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Embarking on the cloud-native journey leveraging Kubernetes is arduous, especially as developers navigate the burgeoning complexity of Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. Developers are not only focused on developing applications, they have the added responsibility for shipping and running them in all environments. They also need to keep up with the latest technology and know which tools to invest in, adding immense pressure to an already strenuous workload.

At Mirantis, we understand these challenges and have felt this pain. Lens Autopilot is designed to address your challenges and ease the burden. In this webinar, Anoop Kumar will provide insights into:
– Lens Autopilot: how it can simplify interactions with Kubernetes
– Seamless visibility into monitoring, managing and securing your cloud native applications to improve application quality and performance
– Automation in CI/CD pipelines

You will leave this webinar with a full understanding of Lens Autopilot and how it will help you navigate your cloud-native journey with ease.

0:00 – Introduction & Agenda
1:19 – The state of DevOps today
3:26 – The state of Cloud Native technology today
4:31 – Kubernetes is complex…
5:06 – So what can we do about it?
6:05 – Lens Autopilot: A ZeroOps Platform
9:07 – Outcomes: Lens Autopilot
10:07 – Scope: Lens Autopilot
13:37 – A closer look at the Lens Autopilot technology stack
16:44 – Solution Architecture: Lens Autopilot SaaS
19:49 – Outro

Duration: 00:20:03
Publisher: Mirantis
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