New Smart Handle Added to Kentix Server Rack Door Locking System

Kentix SmartAccess has added a new handle to its DoorLock-RA-4 server rack solution, giving this advanced IoT system ‘smart’ capabilities for data center environments.

While it may simply look like a handle, the new DoorLock-RA4 from Kentix is a smart handle with the ability to do more than meets the eye. This new handle can open and close server and data cabinets with an app from a smartphone or smartwatch. It’s engineered to provide better access control and can be scaled easily for data centers looking for an innovative solution.

The handle also contains an RFID reader and a touch-PIN keyboard making it even more robust. It’s made of die-cast plastic and it’s a lifting or folding handle, so it takes up less space compared to the conventional swivel handles. It’s also more ergonomic for the operator.

This new smart handle from Kentix also offers interactions with systems, such as SNMP, REST-API, V2/3, and LDAP. It offers a visible LED bar with an acoustic feedback feature making it even safer to operate compared to a traditional handle. The DoorLock-RA4 only requires one PoE-compatible Ethernet port for operation.

Something Special About This Handle

With only one PoE port needed for the central module, it’s actually possible to connect up to 16 handles in bus cabling with patch cables. Larger data centers would be able to use this smart handle “with ease” while they won’t need nearly as many Ethernet ports.

The DoorLock-RA4 would integrate “easily” into any existing Kentix system environment. It provides an advocate of 360-degree infrastructure security with intelligent PDU and SmartMonitoring solutions. The new smart handle is based on the smart KentixOS and provides easy installation and operation.

Compact Design

One of the advantages of this new door handle, other than the smart capabilities, is the compact design. It’s designed to replace a conventional swinging handle as a simple compact lift handle solution. This helps to save space and it may also provide ergonomic benefits for those operating the handle. Opening server cabinets is comfortable with this handle, according to Kentix, as it will automatically pop up and only takes one pull to open.

Compatible with Smartphones and Smartwatches

The Kentix DoorLock-RA4 works with both smartphones and smartwatches and provides an RFID reader, along with a touch PIN pad. The cybersecurity offered by the handle includes two-factor authentication and additional security requirements. Operators can control the locking system from anywhere using the Kentix 360 Cloud.

A Modular Design

This smart door handle also offers a modular system design, which could make3 it easier to provide additional modules in the future, such as special readers or biometric modules. Kentix SmartAccess modular systems can integrate complete locking solutions with new modules as they become available in the future.

The DoorLock-RA4 is just one of the many door locking solutions provided by Kentix. However, this new offering provides features no other product in their portfolio offers. Kentix claims that its SmartMonitoring is easy to use while the automatic arming/disarming features would make this smart door handle a good choice in emergency situations.