NordVPN Launches Its Password Manager NordPass

NordVPN, one of the world’s leading VPN service providers, has launched its latest cybersecurity product. NordPass is a password manager built with a focus on simplicity and security. This tool would save memory space for more important things than logins.

Recently, NordVPN has presented other cybersecurity products, such as file encryption tool and a business VPN solution.

Laura Tyrell
“By the time your data reaches our servers, it’s already been encrypted on your device,” said Laura Tyrell, Press Officer at NordVPN.

Like a master key, NordPass would fit everyone’s needs. It helps to generate new complex passwords and lets you share them “securely” with friends or coworkers. This password manager also remembers it all: from complex logins to private notes and credit cards.

To keep the information secure, NordVPN’s NordPass solution uses “top-of-the-field” XChaCha20 encryption for the password vault and Argon 2 for key derivation. Users can also choose optional two-factor authentication for extra safety. Additionally, the new tool will have a zero-knowledge architecture to ensure ultimate security.

“Password information belongs to users only – that’s why our product has zero-knowledge encryption,” said Laura Tyrell, Press Officer at NordVPN. “By the time your data reaches our servers, it’s already been encrypted on your device. That means we have zero knowledge about the items saved in your vault,”

Powered by cybersecurity experts, NordPass would be quite easy to use. You can download user-friendly browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi; and apps for iOS and Android. There are premium and freemium versions of NordPass.

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