Selecting a Cloud-based PBX: What are the Considerations?

OPINION – “If you’re a business owner looking to implement a hosted, cloud-based PBX system and you need some guidance, here’s a tip: first start by asking yourself whether or not a PBX system’s services can fulfill your requirements. But how can you decide what you need? Start with what you currently have and make your way towards what you would like to have.”

Author: Alicia Sandino, marketing executive, FastPBX 

“Businesses that experience large call volumes daily, like a telemarketing agency, quite obviously will benefit from key PBX services including call recording and analytics. These are companies that depend on stellar customer care as part of their customer retention strategy. Having access to genuine communications between agents and customers can offer accurate estimates of long-term successes.

“Even if you’re not a telemarketing agency, these features are excellent if you want to ensure high quality of service as well as keep a preferred credibility. With a hosted, cloud-based PBX, these solutions are available without additional installation or equipment.

Call Continuity

“Another thing to consider is securing your communications. With the best PBX system, you need to have the ability to count on functions that make it easy to stay connected with others regardless of outside conditions. Call continuity, a popular cloud-based service, is useful when there is an unexpected blackout or there is a data facility malfunction. Without call continuity, your communications are vulnerable to disasters and can prevent significant recovery in the event that your business is affected.

“On the occasion that call continuity is not available with the hosted, cloud-based service you choose, you should still have the ability to utilize call forwarding; that way telephone calls can be directed to a different device in case your office phones fail.

Call Management

The right PBX system also acts as a call management solution as it increases internal performance with functions like ring groups and auto attendant. With these in place, employees are prompted by a phone call only when necessary to keep them focused on the job.

“Also, if you’re preparing to hire remote workers, your cloud-based PBX system ought to be able to provide optimal communication in between your staff members, customers, and other critical individuals.”

About FastPBX, Alicia Sandino

alicia sandino fastpbxThe author, Alicia Sandino is marketer working at FastPBX – a Miami, Florida-based provider of cloud-hosted VoIP telephone systems. Their Business Phone System would combine a pre-programmed, user-friendly interface with advanced call management services. FastPBX has a U.S.-based support team, available 24/7.