Tenzing Unveils Optimized Managed Services for Oracle Commerce on AWS Cloud

Tenzing, a provider of ecommerce managed hosting services, has announced the upcoming launch of significant new services for Oracle Commerce customers. Optimized Managed Services for Oracle Commerce on AWS would combine Tenzing’s vast experience managing Oracle Commerce infrastructure and applications with the powerful capabilities of AWS Cloud. 

For more than 15 years, Tenzing has designed, deployed and managed IT infrastructure and managed commerce platforms for prominent online retailers, pure-play ecommerce sites, B2B purchasing systems, and other highly transactional applications. Although the company operates “top-tier” data centers in North America and Europe, it also leverages AWS Cloud to provide clients “geographic flexibility, rapid deployment, and the ability to easily scale environments up or down as needed.” 

oracle cloud“We realized years ago that the expertise we’ve built around ecommerce could be applied to virtually any infrastructure, anywhere,” said Raj Atwal, President of Tenzing. “There has been significant progress in education and acceptance of security and performance in the cloud and that is leading many merchants to look at providers like AWS. Merchants will now be able to have their ecommerce infrastructure managed in one of our data centers, on the AWS Cloud, or a mix of both.” 

Tenzing’s Optimized Managed Services for Oracle Commerce on AWS Cloud and other services would deliver geographically redundant infrastructure, easy scaling and a utility ‘pay as you go’ cost model. The Tenzing service would meet requirements for handling peak times, such as the cyber holidays, and streamline the process for merchants that continually deploy code change testing and releases to their sites – either on AWS Cloud or in traditional hosted environments. 

“We have been layering managed services on AWS Cloud with other ecommerce software for many years now, “ said Elizabeth Scott, VP, Customer Success, Tenzing. “Whether it’s a B2C or B2B business, we know our existing clients do not measure success by the simple uptime of infrastructure and servers. Merchants are heavily focused on customer experience and the number of successful transactions completed though their online channels. AWS, along with Tenzing’s white-glove service for Oracle Commerce work together to help merchants improve customer experience and increase sales.”