Vantage Data Centers Supports Fortune 100 Customer, Adds 4.5MW to Its Quincy, Washington Facility

Vantage Data Centers, a data center provider operating campuses in Silicon Valley, California, and Quincy, Washington, has announced the addition of 4.5MW of new capacity on its active Quincy, Washington data center campus. Vantage had accelerated the build in order to meet a Fortune 100 customer’s requirement for capacity sooner than previously expected.

Situated on 68 acres of land, Vantage Data Centers’ Quincy campus boasts a highly scalable design and is master planned for four data center buildings totaling approximately 529,000 square feet and 55MW of critical IT load. The first data center built on the site, which was designed in conjunction with the Fortune 100 customer, was unveiled in September of 2013 with 61,000 square feet of raised floor data center space in a 133,000 square foot building.

vantage-data-centersThe just-completed second phase of the build activates an additional 4.5MW of capacity with newly-built mechanical and electrical infrastructure, for a total of 6MW at the facility. Designed to operate at a highly energy-efficient annualized Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of under 1.3, the data center campus was commissioned and achieved 1.18 at peak load.

Evaporative Cooling System

“We are pleased to support our customer’s faster than anticipated growth, and look forward to building additional data centers on our Quincy campus to support more customers,” said Sureel Choksi, President and CEO of Vantage. “Our location in Quincy benefits from access to abundant, low-cost hydropower as well as significant tax incentives, driving industry-leading TCO for our customers.”

Designed from the beginning to be sensitive to the surrounding environment, the Quincy data center campus features a custom-developed indirect evaporative cooling system designed to eliminate impact from outdoor conditions through a closed loop delivery infrastructure. The facility also has EPA Tier 4 generators installed that would reduce emissions by 90-95% as compared to traditional generator deployments.

Vantage Data Centers is backed by Silver Lake, a global technology investment company, with $23 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital.