Verizon Enterprise Solutions Launches Intelligent Cloud Control Solution Powered by VMTurbo

vmturbo-cloud-control-solutionsVerizon Enterprise Solutions, part of Verizon Communications (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) that generated more than $127 billion in 2014 revenues, has launched Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control, powered by VMTurbo, to help Verizon customers migrate workloads to their ideal public cloud hosting service based on an enterprise’s performance and resource requirements.

Verizon’s Intelligent Cloud Control solution enables Verizon customers to drive real-time, automatable, price, performance and compliance-based placements. It also allows sizing and configuration decisions to deploy and migrate workloads to and among CSPs.

“Building our joint vision of Intelligent Cloud Control with Verizon has enabled us to take VMTurbo’s core capabilities to its logical extreme – enabling automatable, real-time decisions on where to provision workloads between competing cloud providers to ensure a high quality, low cost service,” said Endre Sara, vice president, advanced solutions of VMTurbo. “Intelligent Cloud Control is different from cloud broker or manager programs on the market today in that it factors in application performance in real-time along with CSP price to determine the best cloud resources for every workload.”

Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control would benefit users since they will be able to:

  • Control public cloud workloads through a single Verizon interface
  • Budget and control public cloud spend to help avoid billing surprises
  • Help assure the performance and compliance of workloads beyond CSP-specific cloud monitoring. 

verizon-cloud“In listening to our customers, we realized they require a better way to manage their risk when moving to the public cloud,” said Victoria Lonker, director of enterprise networking for Verizon. “With Verizon‘s Intelligent Cloud Control, we are removing the complexities and myriad trade-offs between price, performance and compliance in various public cloud services and enabling them to focus instead on the applications and services that their end-users demand all within a secure environment.”

Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control powered by VMTurbo will launch during the first quarter of 2016. Initially the service will include connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure.

VMTurbo‘s patented decision-engine technology dynamically analyzes workload demand and automatically matches it to infrastructure supply, taking into consideration application priority and any business or technical constraint. The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010, and users today include many of the world’s leading financial institutions, social and e-commerce sites, carriers and service providers.