Dyn Releases IP Transit Intelligence, Provides Global Perspective on Peering and Transfer Data

Dyn, a global provider of Internet performance solutions, has announced the release of IP Transit Intelligence, the first in a new line of Performance Assurance products. The new solution would deliver a complete, accurate, objective and up-to-date view of network and hosting service provider connectivity.

As companies expand globally, they require an up-to-date and complete view of network rankings and peering relationships. Dyn’s IP Transit Intelligence inventories every hosting service provider and all of their globally visible connectivity relationships with other service providers and enterprises, in every critical market, giving companies the actionable insight they need to maximize Internet performance to their customers.

Dyn’s global directory of Internet affiliations would help global businesses and network service providers make well-informed data center location and Internet peering and transit decisions.

Performance Assurance products

email-delivery-dynIP Transit Intelligence is the first release in a new line of Performance Assurance products enabled by Dyn’s recent acquisition of Renesys. Dyn’s Performance Assurance products are already being used by half of the 10 most trafficked websites in the world, as ranked by Alexa.

In addition to the world’s largest enterprises, Dyn’s Performance Assurance products would provide network service providers with visibility into competitors, prospects and emerging markets, and the insights and intelligence needed to understand the competitive marketplace, incorporate tactical intelligence about ISP customer lists, contract renewal dates and observed service instability. Finally, IP Transit Intelligence helps users plan for data center expansion through a global perspective of network service providers and partnerships, with simple views and reports.

Additional IP Transit Intelligence features include:

  • Access to current and historical data – Daily updates on the latest network registrations and changes in the global Internet, as well as historical views with insight into trends and expansions. Provides a picture of the top providers, allowing organizations to plan for today’s IPv4 Internet, with additional insight into the fast-evolving IPv6 Internet.
  • Customizable reports and summaries – A customizable, browser-based user interface provides summary snapshots and detailed listings of peering relationships; service provider rankings, demographics, and trends; new ASN (Autonomous System Number) registrations; and the latest interconnection news and events.
  • Daily summaries – Daily snapshots and written summaries for the target markets, providers and ASNs provide a personalized view for customers, with the ability to move right into detailed analysis.