Expert Blog: How to Build the Perfect Cloud Ecosystems for Distributors

Miltos AntoniadisAs the cloud becomes more important to the market, it becomes more important for resellers and distributors, too. Now, distributors not only need to manage all of these increasing needs, but do it in a way that’s streamlined and comprehensive for everyone involved. They need a highly-functional, organized ecosystem so to say.

By: Miltos Antoniadis,

Businesses are realizing that the cloud is now essential for operations, and the proof is in the numbers. The cloud market is growing exponentially. In 2019, the cloud industry grew a whopping 17.5% alone, where specific services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) surged by 27.5 percent the same year.

If you’ve been working in cloud distribution for a while, you know not all ecosystems are created equal. So when decided to tackle the biggest problems facing distributors and create the perfect cloud ecosystem, we knew we had to tackle the biggest challenges head on.

An Ecosystem for Cloud Distributors is Essential

An ecosystem is essential for cloud distributors because they need to automate operation flow and accelerate their reselling process. A well-operating cloud ecosystem makes this easy and helps service providers to expand their business without many limitations.

To create this ‘perfect’ cloud ecosystem that distributors have been looking for, we focused on ensuring smooth business operations for distributors and their resellers with a suite of essential features. To build the idea ecosystem, this is what we deemed essential.

Multi-tenant & Multi-tier capabilities – The multi-tenant and multi-tier capabilities, are the most essential features for Cloud Distributors to efficiently manage all their global operations.

Multi-country capability – Cloud technology works without borders, but if a cloud ecosystem is not optimized to support different languages and legal regulations, it loses its’ crucial point.

Multi-currency capability – With clients all over the world, currency customization is also essential.

Reseller management – Growing a reseller base is exciting, but if not managed properly, it can cause a lot of problems. What distributors need to grow is the ability to process recurring operations, as well as handle pay-per-operation or subscription-based processes.

Fully functional integrations with top software vendors

Distributors and resellers need the flexibility to integrate other software and technologies. That’s why an ecosystem that’s fully compatible with vendors is an essential part of a perfect cloud ecosystem. You’ll also have to provide a well-organized infrastructure to receive updates, read reports and analyze network performance.

Developing a functioning cloud ecosystem for distributors is a challenging project. But, it’s necessary today when the cloud is becoming ever-important in business and ever-harder to manage.

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Miltos Antoniadis is a senior sales engineer at, with solid experience in organization-wide automation projects for cloud distribution partners. With a BSc in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Rochester, NY, he built his professional experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics for industry leading companies, then moved on to lead SaaS startup teams. He joined the sales and business development team in 2018 and has been leading automation projects to success for cloud distribution channel companies around the world.

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