Nexcess, a Southfield, Michigan-based managed application hosting company, has partnered with BigCommerce to offer ‘BigCommerce for WordPress’ to WordPress sites hosted on the Nexcess Cloud. This full-featured ecommerce plugin integrates WordPress with BigCommerce’s API-driven ecommerce platform.

The partnership allows Nexcess-hosted WordPress sites to offload the complex and resource-intensive aspects of ecommerce to the BigCommerce platform through APIs. This would give retailers the ability to focus on fostering meaningful consumer engagements driven by content-led shopping experiences, without sacrificing website speed or security.

“We’ve witnessed just how quickly merchants can grow from a small business to an international brand, and with this new offering, even enterprise-level retailers can continue to deliver world-class shopping experiences using WordPress’ open source ecosystem rather than relying on a single, closed platform for both content and commerce at scale,” said Russell Klein, chief development officer at BigCommerce. “Better still, the combination of Nexcess’ performance-optimized cloud hosting and BigCommerce’s industry-leading headless commerce engine reduces the concerns retailers leveraging WordPress’ CMS may have previously felt around scaling or managing the performance of their online stores.”

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Nexcess Cloud

WordPress-Native Interface

Nexcess customers that integrate their website with BigCommerce will have access to a WordPress-native interface for managing their store’s content and BigCommerce’s API-driven, cloud-based SaaS for commerce functionality, allowing for automatic updates that provide merchants with new features, as well as independent and automatic scaling of their store’s front-end and back-end components.

“Decoupled ecommerce is an important innovation and we’re thrilled to be combining our WordPress hosting expertise with BigCommerce’s flexible and feature-rich commerce API,” said Chris Wells, president and CEO of Nexcess. “We’re proud to say that Nexcess is unbeaten in its commitment to building fast and reliable WordPress hosting solutions, and our partnership with BigCommerce has allowed us to build the ideal platform for decoupled ecommerce.”