Millions of Transactions Per Second with Xpand Superpower

MariaDB SkySQL now provides the ability to deliver millions of transactions each section at a low price-point with Xpand Superpower.

The announcement by MariaDB includes new updates to the MariaDB SkySQL cloud database. One of the bigger parts of this update is expanding the support for Amazon Web Services. The updates also include the strength to immunized applications against failures and massive scalability with Xpand. It’s now GA in SkySQL and provides a “cost-effective” option compared to other distributed SL options in the Google Cloud Platform or AWS.

Transparent High Availability

MariaDB SkySQL now has the ability to offer transparent high availability and it would also offer incredible scalability with the ability to handle millions of transactions per second. Enterprises can move their systems of record to the cloud with confidence, which used to rely on specific hardware including Exadata and Oracle RAC. With SkySQL, no longer are legacy deployments necessary, and it’s considered a great time to move to the cloud now.

Powerful Scale Without Hidden IOPS Costs

With SkySQL fully supporting AWS and implementing PrivateLink for a more secure connection, a full spectrum of performance can be unlocked to help keep the pricing easier to predict by customers. The goal is to keep customers from getting stuck with some big surprise bill they were not expecting. By using SkySQL Monitoring, customers gain a closer look at their databases across GCP and AWS.

Hidden Power from Xpand and MaxScale

The new update from MariaDB also includes new power from both Xpand and MaxScale. Xpand provides the ability to tolerate infrastructure failures. It can also provide availability for storing multiple data copies with different database nodes. With this new update release, customers get zone awareness for deployments to make sure redundant data is stored in the right places.

MaxScale also offers another update to the MariaDB to provides an invisibility feature hiding databased layers from the applications. It’s also providing a coordinating automatic failover, load balancing, and transaction replay. All SkySQL multi-node deployments now include MaxScale with no additional cost.

Xpand in SkySQL offers a fully optimized option for scalability and performance. This specific update is delivering a much-improved system for throughput and latency. It’s available in AWS and GCP and some believe it provides better performance compared to other options, yet it would come in at a lower cost. Some customers may save a third of the total cost with Xpand in SkySQL, according to MariaDB.

SkySQL offers the freedom to go wherever you want with any cloud, any scale, and any workload. It can deliver flexibility, scalability, with a database to keep up with the changing needs of customers. SkySQL was introduced last year and has been adopted rather quickly by many customers. Many customers coming from other databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Db2, and Oracle are said to have moved to SkySQL for a number of reasons.