MOD Mission Critical Unveils Global Platform-as-a-Service Offerings, MOD PaaSPort

Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) MOD Mission Critical, a company specializing in managed IT Services and managed colocation solutions, has announced the launch of its portfolio of Platform-as-a-Service offerings named MOD PaaSPort. The new PaaSPort offerings are designed to allow multi-facility, multi-cloud (hybrid), and multi-network solution deployments virtually anywhere on the planet.

MOD Mission Critical’s PaaSPort solution integrates the company’s worldwide relationships inside an “easy-to-use” platform to enable the design, purchasing, provisioning, and administration of solutions, leveraging over 25 years of global network and data center experience.

MOD’s PaaSPort portfolio, which was created specifically to make buying and managing global digital infrastructure solutions easier, offers: offers: bare metal servers, global network deployments, managed colocation and managed services across its vast and growing global ecosystem.

MOD’s clients may build any portion of or entire capabilities to allow “dynamic and cost-effective” core, edge, hybrid, and dedicated cloud connectivity anywhere in the world by selecting the services they need on-demand.

Network and Cloud Providers

MOD’s capabilities cover over 1660 network and cloud providers, in over 100 locations, across over 80 data center facilities on six continents – and expanding – thanks to worldwide collaborations with major network and data center operators.

MOD’s PaaSPort portfolio would provide organizations with the reach, flexibility, and services they need, when they need them, in a globally dispersed manner, by carefully developing a worldwide ecosystem capable of supporting both big and small company installations.

MOD’s PaaSPort is a play on the company’s main capability, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which is generally used for apps or cloud computing services. It would offer a comprehensive approach to digital infrastructure management in flexible increments that include:

  • PaaS Bare Metal – On-demand, dynamically programmable physical infrastructure: highly secure, fully linked, open-architecture hardware and colocation for improved cloud-based solution control. Deployments from the core to the periphery are available all around the world.
  • PaaS Network – End-to-end deployments with on-demand global network connectivity capabilities utilizing different network choices. Direct access to cloud, content, or other private networking solutions, and more. All network solutions are dynamically developed, procured, deployed, and managed.
  • PaaS Managed Colocation – Over 80 global data center facilities are used to provide scalable managed colocation across six continents. MOD’s dedication to clients allows it to discover the best location, connection needs, and reasonable prices everywhere on the planet.
  • PaaS Managed Services – On-demand network and colocation solutions that are comprehensive, customizable, and SLA-guaranteed. Professionally managed infrastructure solutions that are the most scalable and dependable method to guarantee that your digital infrastructure is optimized for efficiency across all of MOD’s PaaSPort products – or virtually any other third-party provider service.

The platform’s “user-friendly” interface would allow businesses to easily search for and purchase almost any sort of digital infrastructure solution, with guaranteed SLAs to achieve the performance and dependability they want.