Zayo Group Unveils New DDoS Mitigation Service for Attacks Up To 120G

Zayo Group, provider of fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud services has introduced a new Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution. The service provides managed re-routing of impacted traffic to one of the company’s global scrubbing centers, protecting against attacks up to 120G.

The new product provides an important layer of defense and monitoring on Zayo Group’s international Tier 1 IP network. Through updated software and hardware deployments, Zayo now has the ability to identify malicious traffic and re-route through a system that identifies and drops the traffic, while allowing flow of real data to the sites.

ddos mitigationZayo’s solution uses advanced behavioral analytic technology, which can look deeply into each packet in order to decide if it should be dropped. Behavioral analytics would be less prone to false positives than simple rate-based analysis.

“Zayo’s DDoS mitigation uses advanced detection and mitigation technologies to combat this growing security threat,” said Max Clauson, executive vice president of Network Connectivity Services, Zayo. “We’re leveraging our network visibility, threat intelligence and advanced mitigation technology to provide a usage-based solution that is flexible and responsive.”

Zayo offers a clean traffic model so customers pay only for the bandwidth needed not for the size of the attack. The new service is part of Zayo Group’s focus on enhancing and expanding its security offerings on top of its IP infrastructure. “As the attacks become more sophisticated and unpredictable, we’re committed to staying a step ahead,” added Mr. Clauson.

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