Data Security Software Company, STEALTHbits, Launches Dropbox-for-Business Support

STEALTHbits Technologies Inc., a data security software company that ensures the right people have the right access to the right information, has announced the availability of Dropbox support within its enterprise data access governance solution suite.

The solution extends the capabilities of STEALTHbits’ data access governance solution to Dropbox for Business users, enabling the “quick and painless” generation of reports that show which users have access to which Dropbox folders, and which Dropbox folders each user can access. The STEALTHbits solution also provides a data access governance answer to businesses that use Dropbox in conjunction with on premise file sharing and storage.  

“File-sharing in the cloud yields a number of benefits and conveniences, but it can also greatly and dangerously expand exposure to your data,” said Alex Berger, Senior Product Marketing Manager at STEALTHbits. “For example, a Dropbox business account admin or team site owner can allow team members to share data with individuals outside the company, amplifying the criticality of robust data access insight and governance.” 

web-hosting-provider-dropboxBy defending against credential theft and abuse, and giving customers insight into the access and ownership of their unstructured data, STEALTHbits would reduce security risk, fulfill compliance requirements and decrease operations expense. Dropbox support within the company’s enterprise data access governance solution suite is now available and ships with the 7.1 version of StealthAUDIT.

“Understanding and controlling data access in a hybrid Cloud environment is not only challenging, but hybrid systems are the nearly exclusive means by which enterprises are using Dropbox,” added Mr. Berger. “Not only are our data access solutions significantly more robust and capable than the basic Dropbox tools, but STEALTHbits provides access visibility into Dropbox and on premise data all at once.”