Elasticsearch at Appian, Modev DC Meetup

Learn how Appian embedded Elasticsearch into their product and leveraged it for a variety of features. Appian allows customers to define their data model at runtime, which poses interesting challenges. Some topics that will be discussed: on-the-fly index and schema creation, user-defined queries written in Appian’s functional language, bulk and incremental replication of data from external sources.

Chris Earle is a Support Engineer with Elastic with years of experience working with Elasticsearch, both before joining the company and afterward while supporting customers. At Elastic, he is the official Elasticsearch Groovy client developer, but his primary role is supporting customers that want to use the ELK platform. He has worked with numerous customers that are successfully deploying on Azure, AWS, bare metal, and other infrastructures.

Nikita Dubrovsky and Andrew Radcliffe are software engineers on Appian’s product team. They have been working on core components of Appian’s data persistence layer for over 10 years.

Duration: 1:51:27
Publisher: Elastic
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