Nexcess Introduces ExpressionEngine 3.1 CMS Hosting Plans

Nexcess, a provider of managed ExpressionEngine hosting and Official Enterprise Hosting Partner of ExpressionEngine creator EllisLab, has announced that the newest version of ExpressionEngine – ExpressionEngine 3.1 – is now available on its performance-optimized hosting platform.

Nexcess, in partnership with EllisLab, offers managed ExpressionEngine hosting plans based in the U.S., Europe, and Australia that include shared web hosting, ExpressionEngine managed dedicated servers, and enterprise server clusters capable of supporting the largest sites.

ExpressionEngine 3.1 would bring a host of new features and enhancements, including support for PHP 7, a substantially expanded range of hooks offering greater flexibility to developers of ExpressionEngine extensions, and the ability to save template partials and variables as files.

CMS Hosting Performance

expressionengine hosting nexcessPHP 7, introduced towards the end of last year is built on an entirely new engine, which would result in substantial performance improvements for PHP applications, including ExpressionEngine. Site owners who update to PHP 7 and ExpressionEngine 3.1 would be likely to experience a considerable performance improvement in their site.

“With ExpressionEngine 3.1, EllisLab has hit a homerun,” said Chris Wells, President and CEO of Nexcess. “PHP 7 support is a huge deal for users of our hosting platform, most of whom are rightly sensitive to the impact CMS performance can have on their business. With the introduction of PHP 7 support, EllisLab is bringing a substantial performance boost to our clients – that makes us happy. For developers and users with complex content management requirements, ExpressionEngine is a flexible, fast, and powerful solution.”

The addition of 34 new hooks would create a richer and more flexible environment for developers of ExpressionEngine extensions. The new hooks are included in Channel Entries, Members, and Categories, among others, and allow developers to trigger actions on saving, updating, deleting, and other interactions. New and improved extensions that leverage the enhanced set of hooks are already available.