NorthC Datacenters Expands European Network Reach Through NL-ix

Photo Bart van Aanholt, Chief Commercial Officer at NorthC Datacenters and Marien Keizer, Chief Commercial Officer at NL-ix
Bart van Aanholt, Chief Commercial Officer at NorthC Datacenters (left), and Marien Keizer, Chief Commercial Officer at NL-ix (right).

NorthC Datacenters, one of the largest data center providers in the Netherlands, will intensify its existing cooperation with NL-ix. NorthC’s data center facility in Rotterdam Zestienhoven will be connected to the European NL-ix network, which means that all ten NorthC data centers in the Netherlands are now connected to the European network of NL-ix.

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NorthC clients in all of the company’s data centers in the Netherlands can easily connect with all networks and companies in hundred strategically located data centers across Europe which are also connected to the NL-ix network. By using the NL-ix services, NorthC clients can also make a direct short connection to all networks active on the Internet.

Collectively, the users of NL-ix in the Rotterdam-Den Haag metropolitan area generate 1.2 Tb/s of traffic and the total connected capacity is 2.86 Tb/s. This position was built in part by the acquisition of the Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R_ix) in 2018.

Rotterdam-Den Haag Metropolitan Area

The Rotterdam-Den Haag metropolitan region in the Netherlands has been designated as a strategic area by NL-ix and NorthC for some time. This region plays an increasingly important role in the Dutch economy, according to NorthC, with business activity growing faster than the national average in recent years. The area also has excellent opportunities to be at the forefront of developments such as the Internet of Things, 5G, the cloud and other digital innovations, stated NorthC.

“Good and reliable connections to the outside world are essential for our customers,” said Bart van Aanholt, Chief Commercial Officer at NorthC. “NorthC is always looking for strong on-site partners that offer high quality services to our customers. With the arrival of NL-ix, we can serve our Rotterdam customers even better. We are now in the process of increasing our capacity in Rotterdam, initially to 4.5MW. We are ready to facilitate further growth, together with local partners like NL-ix.”

“I am proud that we can continue and expand our cooperation with such a large regional player as NorthC. With the connection of NorthC, we now connect the eight most important data centers in the Rotterdam-Den Hague region with each other and with the rest of the NL-ix network and the Internet,” said Marien Keizer, Chief Commercial Officer at NL-ix. “We are determined to continue playing an important role in the further development and accessibility of this region. We do this by working with partners such as NorthC to open up the growing regional activity here to the outside world and to connect parties through our platform.”

Greenhouse Datacenters, Smartdc

The Amsterdam region in the Netherlands is well-known across the world as one of the hottest Internet hotspots, with numerous firms setting up data centers there. However, the Rotterdam/The Hague area is not far from Amsterdam, and the two cities are the Netherlands’ second and third biggest cities, respectively. Some data center operators, such as Greenhouse Datacenters, even offer near-zero latency connections to Amsterdam. Greenhouse’s two colocation facilities are located in Naaldwijk, in the Rotterdam/The Hague region.

Smartdc is another example of a colocation provider in this region. In addition, this firm operates a plant in Heerlen, the Netherlands. This facility, according to Smartdc, has a 5ms latency connection to Frankfurt.